Yes, You Can Put A Gold IRA To Work For You

If you’re frustrated with the performance of your retirement investments, and you’re tired of being helpless to act when your retirement account takes a beating, you should know about the Gold IRA. IRS rules allow retirement savers to include certain gold investments in their retirement portfolio.  As long as you follow the rules, you can take advantage of the stability and versatility of a physical gold IRA.

Most people don’t adjust their retirement portfolios often. In fact, a recent Harris Poll survey showed that three-quarters of retirement savers haven’t rebalanced their portfolios in the past six months.  This could be a significant financial mistake. The price of gold has appreciated more than 8%. In the last 12 months, the price of gold has increased nearly 32%!

A physical gold IRA will allow you to take advantage of future expected rises in the price of gold, and will also add stability to your retirement portfolio.  The key to taking advantage of gold, silver and other precious metals for the benefit of your retirement income is opening a self-directed IRA.

With a self-directed IRA, the IRA custodian will purchase gold, silver and other qualified precious metals for your benefit.  The physical gold is transferred to a secured holding facility. You own the actual gold bullion and gold coins.

Having a physical asset is important because it gives you the security you’re looking for.  With a gold IRA, you can control the assets that your IRA or 401k holds. You make the decisions and you reap the benefits.  Your gold IRA isn’t limited to qualified gold holdings. You can use this special self-directed IRA to hold other assets as well, including other precious metals like silver and platinum, real estate and other investments.

With a IRA gold plan, you’ll never again have to look at your statements and wonder what your investment managers are thinking. With a gold IRA, you are the investment manager. You control the assets, and the custodian takes care of all the transactions, the IRS filings and the administration of the account.

There’s still time to get into gold, silver and precious metals. IRA accounts, when properly structured, can put all of these assets to work for you, diversify your portfolio, insulate your retirement savings from wild and unpredictable changes in the stock and bond markets, and put you squarely in charge of your retirement investments.

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