Gold IRA Investment May Make Up Retirement Losses

Most people who save for retirement have investments based on stocks, bonds, mutual funds, CDs and other similar vehicles.  Unfortunately, the last four years have been brutal on even the best retirement savings plans. While the stock market is coming back, and investors are beginning to see their retirement savings balances climb, retirement investments are still vulnerable to wild movements in the market.  Traditional “stable” investments like real estate have lost significant value in the past five years and unlike the stock market, these investments have yet to recover.  A gold IRA investment, however, may not only help investors stabilize their retirement portfolios, but also regain overall portfolio value to make up for underperforming assets.

A Gold IRA and Silver IRA can help investors stabilize their retirement savings and make up for losses sustained in other investment vehicles.  Gold, silver and other precious metals tend to do very well when other investments lag. A gold IRA investment can help stabilize an investor’s portfolio and shield a portion of the investment from market-based losses.

For investors who are nearing retirement, preserving accumulated wealth is exceptionally important. Most investors nearing retirement age don’t have enough time to make up for losses sustained in the market. By moving retirement assets to a IRA precious metals or a precious metals 401k, investors can help ensure that they have significant savings for retirement, and won’t be subject to additional losses as they near retirement.

What is the potential for additional significant losses in retirement-grade investments? No one knows for sure, but recent warnings from Standard and Poor’s suggests that even the United States federal government treasury obligations may not be immune from loss.  Unfortunately for most public pension plan beneficiaries and many retirement savers, a significant portion of their retirement savings are currently held in US government securities.  Should the S&P warnings come to pass, retirement savers could indeed see significant losses before (or worse, in) retirement.

The conventional wisdom from retirement investment advisors is to put money in the stock market or in mutual funds. They’re not advising people to buy gold. IRAs can indeed hold gold, and there’s no better time to take control of your retirement savings.

A precious metals IRA or precious metals 401k can be a lifesaver when it comes to preserving retirement savings.  If you rode out the Great Recession and wished that there was an investment that could have protected your savings better than the stock and bond markets,  you now know that a Gold/Silver IRA is a viable option for preserving your retirement savings.